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Saxony and Shagpile Carpets

For ultimate luxury underfoot choose a saxony carpet. Saxony carpets are longer in the pile than other forms of carpet like twist pile carpets and berber carpet, therefore giving your toes that soft, cosy, sinking feeling. Deep pile carpets can be used throughout the home. Check out the super soft collection of saxony carpets from Flooring UK. Free delivery on all carpets nationwide.
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  1. Amalfi Saxony Carpet Anthracite
    Amalfi Saxony Carpet Anthracite
    Only £11.89 m2 Includes VAT & Free Delivery
    As low as £11.40
  2. Boston Saxony Carpet Moonlight
    Boston Saxony Carpet Moonlight
    Only £9.95 m2 Includes VAT & Free Delivery
    As low as £8.95
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Saxony carpets and shag pile styles are now our most popular style of carpet, with its soft, deep pile, plush feel, it is no wonder why. Suitable for any room in the home and paired with a good thick underlay a good quality deep pile Saxony carpets can give you that cosy, warm feel. We stock a variety of saxonies in many colours all at unbeatable prices available for immediate free delivery.

The difference between twist pile carpets and saxony carpets, are that saxony carpets have a longer pile twist, creating a more toe sinking feeling. People choose saxony carpet in bedrooms, living areas, stairs, landing where a soft feel is wanted.

Shag Pile carpets are a deep pile alternative to Saxony carpets. The characteristics of shag pile carpets compared with saxonies is that the pile is a lot longer, but the overall pile is not as dense. This gives you a looser look and feel. Check out our El Paso carpet range is a great valu for money shag pile carpet style.