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Wool Carpets

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We are asked numerous times, is wool carpet the best option for the home. The answer depends a lot on your lifestyle, as there are reasons to choose wool carpet and many reasons not to. We explain some of the pro's and con's of choosing this style of carpet.

Firstly wool is a natural product and gives natural warmth and is a good insulator, which can be seen as reducing heating bills and keeping your home warmer. However using a good quality carpet underlay like our 10mm, 11mm or 12mm underlays can also insulate your home, making the decision of what construction of carpet you use not as important for warmth. 

Secondly you may consider using wool carpet due to the styles you can have with wool based carpets, most notably a very popular style is wool berber carpet, which we find is often used throughout the home, to create a rustic, cosy look. The larger, ununiformed loops of the berber carpet are something that using other materials like polypropylene cannot quite create and this inperfect pile is what attracts people to wool berber carpets.

Thirdly, wool is a durable material and has very good bouncebackability, meaning it can look good for longer.

Some of the con's associated with wool carpets however are that compared to other carpet constructions such as polypropylene, it is expensive. With the price of wool at an all time high for the carpet industry a lot of manufacturers are switching to making a better quality polypropylene carpets at a fraction of the cost of wool carpets. This coupled with the fact that 100% polypropylene construction is bleach cleanable and stainfree carpets. It is fact that the average person replaces a carpet every 7.2 years, so this means buying wool is not as important as years gone by, unless you want a carpet to last 20 years. Years ago people bought carpet to last 20-30 years plus, so they invested in a better quality wool carpet, usually a patterned axminster, which would last for this period. These days most people like to change their decor more often, so it is not so important to buy wool carpets as you can get good quality stainfree carpet which will last 5-10 years looking good but will usually save you money.