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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is still one of the most popular forms of hard floor around, due to many fundamental factors. One of the main reasons is that it is generally DIY friendly flooring, it clicks together effortlessly and becomes a glueless floor, making it easy even for the worst home improvement person. Another reason is that Laminate floors are excellent value for money. Being generally a lot cheaper than solid or engineered wood, but being more practical, makes a lot of home owners switch their attention to this type of product as it falls within budget as well as being more durable.

At Flooring UK, we sell a variety of quality laminate flooring uk nationwide. From Balterio laminate flooring to waterproof laminate flooring we only sell quality. The reason we do this is because there alot of people out there selling cheap laminate, we admit our laminate isn't the cheapest, but its certainly the best value.

The problem with cheap laminate flooring, is that the locking click system they use, generally is of a poor quality, this means as well as being harder to install, the joint doesnt lock tight enough together. This can cause moisture ingress into the laminate core making it swell as well as making the corners more prone to chipping, resulting in your laminate flooring looking cheap, worn out and tired a lot quicker than a good quality laminate floor. At Flooring UK you do not need to worry about cheap laminate products like we described, because we simply do not sell them. We have opportunity to buy and sell laminate for under £5m2 put the reason we do not is because its rubbish. Even if you are a landlord and want to smarten up a place to sell or rent, we would still recommend paying a little extra and fitting a product like Balterio, Quickstep or Finsa.

One of our specialities here at Flooring UK is waterproof laminate flooring. Solving the old problem of having a floor that is affected by moisture. What waterproof laminate does or click vinyl flooring as its also known as these days, is gives you peace of mind if you have modern day problems such as over exuberant children splashing water on the floor from the bath, or messy dogs who tip over the water bowl. Because no matter how wet our waterproof laminate flooring gets, it will not be affected by any amount of water. Being 100% waterproof, means it is of course made from a PVC or plastic core, unlike traditional quality laminate floors, which are made of HDF that is not suitable for areas of moisture such as bathroom flooring. This core is slightly more expensive to produce than HDF products, but it offers a 100% assurance. Our selection of waterproof laminate floors are available at the lowest prices around as we buy direct as well as buying a lot of clearance lines from the manufacturers, passing on the savings directly to you.

We are made up to now be able offer all our Balterio laminate flooring online. Before they were just sold in our stores, we have now made them available to the entire UK at low prices. Our favourite product has to be Balterio Quattro 8mm or 12mm, the colours in these ranges are stunning, from cool grey laminate shades to stylish, sophisticated oak and walnut colour, you can be sure to find a colour to suit your interior.

A lot of people ask us, what is a good quality laminate floor and we always point them towards Balterio. One reason is that unlike cheaper laminates, which have the V groove painted, Balterio laminate flooring has the printed film go into the V Groove, this gives it a lot more realistic and authentic look, order a free sample today and see what we mean and compare it to other laminates. Another reason is the locking system, using the patented ClickXpress locking system, makes Balterio an absolute dream to fit as well as being more durable.