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At Flooring UK, we stock a variety of styles of carpet, for all rooms of the home. Dealing direct with some of the biggest carpet manufacturers in the UK and the rest of the world ensures we can bring you the very best deals on all types of carpet. When buying a new carpet, it is important to understand some facts and tips before making a decision to which carpet is best suited to your home and your lifestyle.

Which Carpet is the Best?

This all depends on your lifestyle and what you expect from a carpet. Generally there are two products made in the pile of a carpet, the first being polypropylene, carpets made from 100% polypropylene are classed as stainfree and can be cleaned with a bleach detergent. This type of carpet is ideal for people with children, pets or like the odd glass of red wine! as spillages can be easily cleaned up and have a lot less likelyhood of leaving stains. Polypropylene carpets are generally a more affordable option compared to wool carpets and as the demand for carpets goes thicker and softer, polypropylene is the material that is often used to get this luxurious feel without breaking the bank. Wool carpets come in a variety of styles, one of the most popular carpets styles are wool berber carpet. This style can offer a rustic, cottage look. Wool has increased in price over recent years which has turned a lot of manufacturers to making better quality polypropylene carpet. However wool still offers warmth, durability and is a natural product and is still a popular choice of carpet. 

Most carpet types can be used all over the home, but at Flooring UK we believe the best type of carpet is a good quality, 2 ply, 100% polypropylene as it offers a more practical, easy to clean, affordable option with a lot of colour options, suited to todays interior styles.

What Carpet is Best for Stairs?

When looking for a new stair carpet, similarly to the question above, look at your lifestyle and your style choice. At Flooring UK, we always suggest buy the best carpet you can afford. Stairs get a lot of concentrated foot traffic, so choosing a quality carpet that keeps its appearance is important to consider, all carpets will flatten in traffic areas, so ensuring it bounces back when vacuumed is important. Two ply carpets at least should be considered for stairs and styles whether it be a twist pile or loop pile berber style is all about style options. If you just want a carpet to wear well on stairs, we would therefore recommend a tight, medium pile two ply twist carpet.

What Carpet is Best for Pets?

If you have pets, you need a carpet that is easy to clean, doesnt show up too much dog or cat hair and one that claws cannot cause a problem with. At Flooring UK, we get asked this question all the time. What we recommend is go for a stainfree carpet, which is made from 100% polypropylene. This way you can easily clean it with a bleach detergent if necessary. Choose a carpet that your pets cannot ladder, such as a twist pile construction, if you go for a loop pile construction, their claws (if they have them) may pull the fibre and this can cause a ladder effect in your carpet, twist piles do not ladder in this manner. Also think about colour, if you have a white or lght coloured dog, choosing a dark brown or dark grey carpet will generally show up the light hairs. Consider a speckled or two tone carpet to help disguise the pet hair or you will end up vacuuming several times a day!

How do I Measure up for a carpet?

Measuring up for carpet can be complicated if its for hall, stairs, landings, on this occassion we recommend asking your carpet fitter to do this. For a room it can be fairly easy. Most carpet comes in 4 and 5 metre widths, so firstly check the widths available in the carpet you are interested in buying. Ensure when you are measuring for a room, you measure the widest and longest points of the room. Check that there are no alcoves or drop backs, which would make the piece of carpet you need to be bigger, also if a door is on one of the walls, which is the longest or widest lengths, ensure the measurement is taken into the middle of the doorframe.