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What is SPC Flooring?

At Flooring UK, we are being asked what actually is SPC flooring and what does it mean... Well SPC flooring stands for Stone Polymer Composite. What that means is, unlike traditional forms of click vinyl flooring, which is made of 100% PVC, SPC is a combination of a blended rigid core of PVC (Polymers) and stone powder, making it heavier, more stable and better than the traditional 100% pvc click vinyl flooring. 

Why is SPC the Best Form of Click Vinyl Flooring?

Regarded as the latest generation in click vinyl floors, time and technology has improved the industry and SPC is at the forefront of this improvement. Time has realised that 100% pvc based click vinyl floors are not as practical or suitable for some areas in the home, they are not as stable as SPC floors, so can expand and contract significantly more than SPC floors, especially in areas of variying temperatures such as conservatories, sun rooms and near bifold or patio doors. The rigid core of SPC, attributed to it by the stone element in its core, enables it to be a lot more stable than most other click vinyl floors, ideal in areas of fluctuating temperatures and periods of warmer weather. All SPC floors are 100% waterproof, DIY friendly, ultra strong and many have a built in sound reducing underlay, which saves on installation time as well as money buying an underlay.

What Rooms can SPC Flooring be installed in?

The versatility of SPC rigid core flooring means it can be installed in any room in the home and business. Even in problem areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, SPC flooring is 100% waterproof and therefore perfect for these installations. With the ultra stable core, it is also ideal for open plan living spaces, as it can be laid in large areas without the need for breaks. SPC flooring can also be used on stairs installed with matching profiles.

SPC Flooring at Flooring UK

At Flooring UK, we are experts in all things vinyl flooring and SPC is no different. Buying directly from the factories means we can guarantee the best quality and bring you an SPC floor at the lowest prices in the UK. With over 40,000m2 of SPC flooring alone in stock, we guarantee speedy delivery and remeber all of our SPC floors come with free delivery on every single order. Order your free samples of SPC flooring today and see the quality in your own home.