Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring (Peel and Stick)

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Flooring, the LVT with a Simple Peel and Stick Installation

If you are looking for a simple, effective and mess free new floor, then self adhesive vinyl flooring is right up your street. This DIY friendly flooring system takes away the need for complex and expensive installation tools and just requires a stanley knife and a straight edge.

Once you have a smooth, flat and dust free subfloor, simply peel the off the paper from the back of the self adhesive vinyl floor and lay onto the floor, applying good pressure to all areas of the plank to ensure the bond is strong and avoids any lipped edges. As the floor is a pressure sensitive adhesive, the more traffic the floor receieves, the stronger the bond will be between floor and self adhesive vinyl plank. 

If you have a concrete floor, we recommend using a self levelling compound frst to give you a smooth and flat surface, for wood subfloors, ply board or hardboard of some kind is best used, some chipboard may have oils in the surface treatment that may not give a strong bond for the adhesive, trial and error is recommended to ensure the subfloor you have is suitable for the adhesive backing to stick to. Going over existing vinyl flooring is also possible with self adhesive vinyl floors, as long as the surface is clean, degreased, dry and dust free the peel and stick floor should have no problems bonding to the surface of existing vinyl.

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