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What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

When considering a new hard floor for your home or business, you will consider the well known flooring options, such as laminate flooring, solid or engineered wood flooring, ceramic tiles or cushion floor vinyl. However with the increasing number of people wanting a stylish floor that is practical and easy to maintain, then luxury vinyl flooring or LVT as the industry calls it is becoming ever more popular.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a customised form of vinyl. Although many people think of vinyl as a cheap looking lino, it is far from it. Many large companies such as Primark, Costa Coffee, Tesco and Subway use this type of product in their stores, which tells you something about its durability. As well as being very durable, it is also warm and quiet underfoot, easy to clean as it can be mopped, its designer, as you can use borders, different laying patterns and features to personalise your floor and it is realsitic as many products replicate its natural counterpart.

If you ask anyone at Flooring UK, which is the best flooring option for your home, we will always suggest luxury vinyl flooring due to the stylish appearance and super practical benefits. It ticks the most boxes as being the best option, however it is not the most affordable option, due to the preperation and fitting requirements.

Which luxury vinyl flooring brand is best?

Like in all walks of life, there are many different companies making the same or similar products. Some brands you will of heard of and some brands you wont of. In the luxury vinyl flooring industry, there are also many different brands available. Two brands dominate the industry in the UK at present, Karndean Flooring and Amtico. The main reason those names are well known, is because their marketing is done well. If you are considering luxury vinyl floors, dont limit yourself to one brand. Most products available are suitable, at Flooring UK, we have the Naturelle brand, which encompasses all the different LVT floors available, which are not as well known but are just as good as Karndean and Amtico, but a lot more affordable, the wear layer is what is the important factor in determining which brand is best.

Most brands produce a few different ranges, with different wear layers, based on what specification is required. Generally a 0.3mm wear layer is more than suitable for heavy home use, 0.5mm wear layers are classed as general commercail and 0.7mm wear layers are classed as Heavy commercial, light industrial. So dont think because you have a busy home you require a 0.7mm wear layer, a 0.3mm wear layer is more than suitable and generally comes with a 12 year guarantee at least.

Polyflor Camaro is a popular range as well as our Naturelle luxury vinyl flooring range as both products offer excellent value for money.